Truly curved rain gutters.   Curved raingutters in any kind of profile are made by SumoCobre.   We can also make any sort of irregular curve, curve in two dimensions at the same time, eyebrow curve, S-curve, rounded miters, architectual mouldings, etc.  


We can work from your patterns or your specifications.  Most contractors will cut gutter into short pieces and attach them together, which in itself is a lot of work, but the human eye is very discerning when it comes to curved surfaces, and there is no substitute for perfection.  


Radius Gutters are made of 32oz copper or .03 aluminum.  End seams are sleeved for a flush outside surface.  The lengths of gutter are determined on a case by case basis to best suit a particular job.  SumoCobre can also produce custom radius moldings and flashings, and we are experts in the production of all sorts of compound curved forms.  We can also lead-coat any of our custom products.



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